Technical Advice Notes

Our free-to-download publications include an expanding suite of Technical Advice Notes aimed at providing authoritative and practical references for those involved with caring for and repairing old buildings.


Slating in South-West England

Vernacular slate roofs are important elements in the character of old buildings and settlements in south-west England.

Conservation of Decorative Leadwork

Advice from the SPAB on maintaining and repairing ornate architectural leadwork, a much overlooked aspect of building conservation.

Slate and Stone Roofing in Wales and the Marches

SPAB technical guidance on slate and stone roofs in Wales, west Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Fireplaces, Flues and Chimneys

Practical remedies to common challenges, including smoky chimneys, deteriorated linings, dampness, structural distress, reducing fire risk and...

Control of Dampness

Most forms of dampness that affect old buildings in the United Kingdom are attributable to the presence of excess moisture.

Gypsum Plaster Floors

Gypsum plaster floors have a long and rich history in areas with gypsum quarries and deserve retention wherever possible.

Plumbing Leadwork: Joints and Pipes

This guidance explains the basic jointing techniques and methods of pipe fabrication used for traditional plumbing leadwork.

Slating in the East Midlands

This advice note describes the production and use of the roofing slates and stones of the East Midlands of England.

Patching Old Floorboards

This guidance explains how to patch old floorboards

Repair of Wood Windows

Our advisory publication explaining how old wood windows are usually best repaired rather than replaced.

The Need for Old Buildings to 'Breathe'

This Technical Advice Note explains how old buildings must be allowed to 'breathe' to avoid dampness and decay.

Caring for Old Floors

This guidance offers an introduction to some of the issues surrounding the care of old floors.