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The SPAB’s summer calendar only truly begins on the first day of our annual working party.


Congratulations to St Oswald's church in Grasemere, Cumbria for exceptional hot-lime repairs to the tower.


Proposals to make it mandatory to add folic acid to flour could threaten the ability of our historic windmills and watermills to produce flour.


Saving the 'sleeping beauty' house in Maidstone, Kent.


Matthew Slocombe, SPAB director is a practical person at heart, and that's why he's so excited about the Old House Project at an 'at risk' building in Kent.


Since the 1950s we’ve offered an introduction to building conservation on our Repair of Old Buildings Course. Prajakta Deshpande writes about her experience in May


Peter Ellis, one of our long-standing millers and a member of the Traditional Corn Millers Guild, sadly passed away on 11th June.


SPAB Scholar Holly reports on benefits of a flexible approach to conservation at a Palladian villa in Northern Italy


To mark International Women in Engineering day, we asked SPAB Scholar Aoife Murphy to write about her career so far and how she specialised in working with historic buildings.



A group of volunteers and master craftspeople will gather to repair a medieval chapel at Stourton Caundle, near Sherbourne. The building, once part of a medieval chapel, has recently been rescued from ruin and collapse, saving its important ancient graffiti.