Our People

Matthew Slocombe, director

Matthew Slocombe MA FSA IHBC was previously the SPAB's head of casework. He is Secretary of the Joint Committee of the National Amenity Societies and a member of the Conservation Committee of the Churches Conservation Trust. Published works include the Shire book of Traditional Building Materials.

Director's team
Alexandra Banister, director's assistant
Jonathan Garlick, special operations (projects & working parties)

Douglas Kent, technical and research director

Douglas Kent BSc(Hons), BSc, MSc, MRICS joined the staff in 2000. He has held surveying roles in the private and public sectors, including the military. Douglas publishes and lectures regularly on building conservation and has contributed to various radio and television programmes.

Technical team
Catherine Peacock, technical team administrator
David John, technical adviser            Mary Henn, technical officer

Christina Emerson, head of casework

Christina joined the SPAB in March 2019, heading up a team that deals with over 2000 formal and informal requests for advice a year. Christina has a background in listed buildings casework and campaigning for buildings at risk, as well as marketing and strategy development. 

Casework team

Casework officers: Joanne Needham, Elgan Jones, Rachel Broomfield, and Elaine Byrne.

Colin Farey, business manager

Colin joined the staff in 2016. He has worked in a wide range of sectors, including education, charity, industry and property development. As business manager, Colin ensures that SPAB infrastructure and processes support the SPAB's vision and strategy, and the financial viability of new projects.

Business and support team
accounts@spab.org.uk / info@spab.org.uk
Margaret Daly, office manager  
Neil Faulks, IT adviser                                                Shahina Begum, IT manager

Kate Streeter

Kate Streeter, development and marketing manager

Kate joined SPAB in 2013 heading up a new team to deliver the three-year HLF funded Maintenance Co-operatives project. She took the new position of marketing and development manager in March 2017. Before joining the SPAB she was director of Burgh House and Hampstead Museum.

Development and marketing team
Saira Holmes, development officer
Lucy Jacob, membership officer

Ali McClary, communications manager

Ali joined the SPAB in 2013 and has a background in communications and development in libraries and theatres. While at the SPAB she has been responsible for expanding the Society’s digital presence and its range of publications. She also edits the SPAB Magazine.

Communications team
Felicity Martin, communications officer

Education and training manager

Post vacant

Education and training team
Catharine Bull, Scholarship officer; Pip Soodeen, Fellowship officer; Grace Connelly, training officer; Skye Stevenson, education officer; Victoria West, archive officer

SPAB Scotland

Lucy Stewart, administrator



SPAB Ireland
SPAB Ireland

Tríona Byrne, chair

Elaine Byrne, administrator


Mills Section

Mildred Cookson, chair
Silvia McMenamin, administrator