Repairing a 'sleeping beauty' building in Kent

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The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

We believe old buildings have a future. From cottages to castles and from churches to cathedrals we are here to help buildings and the people who care for them. Based on years of experience and research we understand how old buildings work.


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Education programmes for architects, surveyors, engineers and craftspeople to further their 'hands-on' understanding of historic building conservation.





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Upcoming Events


In partnership with Historic Royal Palaces, this masterclass aims to consider how historic finishes are investigated and conserved - focusing on paint and wallpaper, and using the unique setting of Hampton Court Palace as a case study


The Bard's House: Yr Ysgwrn, Snowdonia
A cultural symbol for the people of Wales
A lecture presented by Niall Phillips (Purcell)

Working Party

Join the SPAB at our Old House Project for a mini working party to clear the site and investigate the history of this fascinating building


Your campaign

If you’re worried about a deteriorating building in your local area, want to contest a planning application, build your own local campaign or set up a building preservation trust then the The SPAB Campaign Toolkit can offer guidance.



Technical advice

All old buildings need regular care and maintenance in order to prevent serious disrepair. Windmills and watermills are by their nature exposed to wear from wind and water in addition to facing problems common to historic buildings.

The SPAB Mills Section has put together a suite of resources and guidance tailored to those caring for old windmills and watermills.

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The SPAB’s Mills Section is the only Society concerned solely with protecting and promoting traditional windmills and watermills in the UK. The Section provides advice and training to mill owners and heritage professionals, and campaigns for the protection of milling heritage. Join the Section now to support its work and receive a range of membership benefits.