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An Introduction to Lime in Building  11 June 2020; An Introduction to Letter Cutting in Stone  19 - 21 June 2020; Plain Lime Plastering  26 - 27 June 2020. 
Presented in association with The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.
These lectures explore key moments in 17th century history through the lens of the architectural expedients the Stuart monarchs adopted to rule.Based on new research Simon Thurley illuminates the architectural world of the century of revolution. 
Old Towns: New Futures   Brighton 18 - 20 June 2020

The IHBC’s 2020 conference takes a timely and forensic look at how the planning, heritage and related sectors can make the most of the opportunities on offer, help players learn from colleagues and others, and broaden understanding of the drivers, barriers and responses. 
This one-day symposium, presented by ICON Stone and Wall Paintings group and supported by Historic England, sets out to review the practical and aesthetic results achieved in the 'lime method' of stone conservation, assess developments in the methodology and identify how it might be improved or amended in the future.

30 September 2020, Wells
The Society of Antiquaries of London host a range of events, public lectures and tours at Burlington House.