Campaign Toolkit

The SPAB Campaign Toolkit is designed to give local communities and campaigners the information they need to work confidently within the planning system. It contains guidance on how to be an advocate for the historic environment, how to get your voice heard and how to run a successful media campaign. It also gives guidance on how the planning system works and strategies for engaging with your local authority, MP and Councillors with regards to proposals affecting the historic environment in your local area.

Please note - a new version of the National Planning Policy Framework, which is referred to in the Toolkit, was published in July 2018. The Toolkit is currently being updated to reflect this change. For now, please refer to Chapter 16 of the NPPF for up to date policies concerning the historic environment.

Your campaign

We'd love to hear about your success stories and how you've used the Campaign Toolkit in your local campaigns. We'd like to feature your stories on this page so other campaigners might feel empowered by your actions and learn from your campaign. Please write to the casework team to tell us about your campaign.