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13th December - 14:44

We’re pleased to support a statement from the RICS, Historic England and the Property Care Association.

02nd December - 18:08

Eugenia Fiocco is one of the SPAB’s most dedicated online learners. Based in Italy, throughout 2020-21 she has attended over 66 of our events. We asked her what buildings inspire her and how she came to hear about the SPAB.

17th August - 13:56

This 1920s postcard shows our home, Hunter’s Moon, a 16th-century timber-framed house built on the Adur estuary but now a mile from the sea.

03rd December - 19:32

A former chapel, a 20th century post office, a Victorian home, the site of a ginger-beer making business and the home of a relic.

20th August - 18:36

2020-21 SPAB Scholar Libby Watts takes us on a sketching tour of her historic village.

06th August - 13:44

A church with a view is a local treasure to SPAB volunteer Hazel Morris

30th July - 14:04

SPAB volunteer Keri Dearmer explores the wealth of history in her district in East London

22nd July - 16:25

SPAB Scholar Amy Redman explores the industrial heritage of 'Porty'.

25th June - 16:39

Street and place names prompt SPAB Scholar Bethan Watson to consider the lost country houses in her neighbourhood.

17th June - 17:49

The original design of the square allowed for generous provision of green space to deal with 'spiritual matters’ of the day, all of which continues to be appreciated by residents today. SPAB Scholar Lilian Tuohy Main writes from North London.