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25th June - 16:39

Street and place names prompt SPAB Scholar Bethan Watson to consider the lost country houses in her neighbourhood.

17th June - 17:49

The original design of the square allowed for generous provision of green space to deal with 'spiritual matters’ of the day, all of which continues to be appreciated by residents today. SPAB Scholar Lilian Tuohy Main writes from North London.

27th May - 15:51

Our communications manager, Ali McClary, writes from the suburb where dinosaurs roam...

21st May - 16:37

Now a suburb of Plymouth, the area's changing fortunes are reflected in the dignified civic buildings. Rachel Broomfield, our casework officer, writes from Devon.

14th May - 17:14

The oldest tree in the park at Versailles provides solace for Louise Simson, our property list editor, who writes from France.

06th May - 18:35

Say the name Walthamstow and it immediately conjures up a variety of associations. Our education and training manager, Maggie Goodall, writes from north east London.

30th April - 16:55

2020-21 SPAB Scholar Lucy Newport writes: Finding myself in the city of Manchester, I’m using my daily walks around the Castlefield area to learn about its rich history....

23rd April - 16:17

We share some of our local heritage during lockdown. Alex Bannister, our director's assistant, writes from London

16th April - 18:36

To keep in touch during isolation, 2016 SPAB Scholar Aoife Murphy writes to us from Ireland:

09th April - 16:15

Lockdown has presented most of us with a renewed appreciation of our local area. Our director, Matthew writes from Sussex.