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The SPAB Magazine is a quarterly publication only available to SPAB members. Content reflects the SPAB's practical nature as well as its distinctive approach to old buildings. Combining the latest news and information from the SPAB with a lively blend of features, onsite reports and views from the UK and abroad, the magazine provides a unique and sometimes provocative window on the conservation world.
Autumn 2019 contents include:
  • A look inside Van Gogh House. The unassuming Georgian building, once the London lodgings of the artist, that’s now a small-scale cultural centre in Stockwell
  • Gothic architecture with an Antipodean flavour at University of Sydney’s first Catholic College as the historic buildings are adapted for modern times.
  • Campaigning around the country: casework success celebrated at Lodging Range, Brook Hall, Heywood Wiltshire – a 15th century lodging house turned cheese store, complete with 18th century cheese hoist 
Summer 2019 contents include:
  • Saving the Synagogue A leap of faith for Belarus: A relic from a bygone era in Jewish History, Slonim Great Synagogue is in a perilous state. Architect Tszwai So explore what a SPAB philosophy-led repair project could look like. 
  • Conserving the Painted Hall, Greenwich: Martin Ashely reports on the conservation project at the UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts the best Baroque in Britain
  • David Parr House A small house with big challenges: A normal looking Victorian terrace in Cambridge with an extraordinary interior - an elaborate decorative scheme from 'artworkman' David Parr
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