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With so many households feeling the cost-of-living squeeze, for Maintenance Week we're sharing some quick and simple maintenance tasks that can help keep your home warm and comfortable this winter. 


Author Brian Hoggard explains some of the fascinating methods people have used to protect their homes. 


The fire at Clandon Park was a tragedy, but one from which something new and positive can emerge. 


This Black History Month, we’re digging into our Archive to find out what happened to the home of Cesar Picton, one of Britain’s first Black "gentlemen".


Architects of the ancient world were not like the architects we know today. Author and architect Eleanor Jolliffe considers the emergence of the professional architect and the changing nature of the profession.


Lewis Hobbs, Architectural Assistant and 2023 SPAB Scholar, explores how a changing world has altered thatching in the UK, and what can be done to secure the future of this traditional craft.


On the 110th anniversary of the Ancient Monuments Consolidation and Amendments Act, we look at how the threat to Tattershall Castle helped to bring about some of the first real protections for ancient buildings.


Ahead of International Women in Engineering Day we caught up with one of last year’s Scholars, Serena Gildea, to hear about her career highlights since finishing the programme.


2023 SPAB Fellow Kate Longworth tells us about discovering the joys of bricklaying and the importance of female role models. 


Laura Brain, Architectural Assistant and 2023 SPAB Scholar, explores a lively debate sparked by a visit to Walpole Old Chapel, Suffolk.