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22nd May - 13:13

The SPAB has a small, dedicated staff, but our work relies heavily on the help of volunteers. For National Volunteers Week, we decided to ask some volunteers to share their experiences. Gillian Goodridge has been an invaluable volunteer working with our archive since 2015. Here she explains how she got involved.  

02nd May - 15:16

May is a month full of celebrations, traditions and superstitions. We looked in our archive for some architectural examples.

12th April - 16:49

For World Heritage Day we’re exploring the international history of our Georgian HQ in Spitalfields, London – an area with a rich and complex past, home to successive groups of immigrants.

11th April - 18:23

In honour of April Fools’ Day earlier this month, we’ve looked through the SPAB archive to see which architectural follies the Society has been involved with.

04th April - 17:19

We concluded our spring lecture series on John Ruskin with a discussion about his enduring influence on Venice and were inspired to further explore the SPAB's early campaigning work in the city.

22nd March - 00:00

The SPAB held its first meeting on 22 March 1877. We looked in our archive to find how we've celebrated some of our significant anniversaries.  

18th March - 17:21

We explore an unusual example of when John Ruskin became actively involved in a fundraising campaign to save a medieval church.

14th February - 12:12

We explored our archive for records of the SPAB's activity on Valentine's day. In 1895 founding committee members were discussing repairs to Eckington bridge in Worcestershire.

30th January - 17:06

Before the mass production of cameras, artists provide the only contemporary record of what are now lost or overly-restored historic buildings.

22nd January - 12:09

Every year, the SPAB Scholarship gives young architects, surveyors and engineers an opportunity to specialise in conservation work.