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21st June - 15:20

Standing on the very edge of the county is one of Suffolk's finest medieval churches


14th June - 18:03

We were consulted in the 1920s about repairs to an impressive castle destroyed in the Civil War which later became a tourist attraction.

22nd April - 17:06

As it’s Huntingdonshire Day, we had a look in our archives for heritage gems from the area that sometimes causes a bit of a headache for our archivist, as it was abolished as a county in 1974.

16th March - 15:23

Lying in our archives is a heavy and crumbling album. It contains more than a hundred drawings, mostly dated from the 1780s, nearly a century before the SPAB was founded. So who was he and why do we have his work?

19th December - 00:33

Stonehenge may have an air of timelessness, in fact it has been a place of constant change, as our archive reveals.

09th December - 15:06

The Festival of Britain was a national exhibition held throughout the UK in the summer of 1951. Writer and broadcaster Gillian Darley looked in our archive to explore our involvement.

08th November - 19:09

In 1885 a SPAB member's donation allowed us to help save this ancient church in North Wales from ruin

02nd September - 19:43

To mark 300 years since the death of the ‘incomparable’ sculptor and wood carver Grinling Gibbons, we looked in our archive to explore the relationship between the SPAB and the buildings where his work can be enjoyed today.

09th August - 16:39

Our archive officer Vicky West explains how to use our new catalogue using the example of a historic case, Tintagel Old Post Office

16th June - 15:54

The story of SPAB's valiant, though ultimately unsuccessful attempts to save an arch of the iconic bridge in 1921.