The SPAB Heritage Awards 2022

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We are launching the SPAB Heritage Awards to celebrate old buildings and the people who champion them. Joining our existing awards, the John Betjeman Award and the Philip Webb Award, will be the Buildings Craftsperson of the Year Award, the Sustainable Heritage Award and the Best Loved Award.

These five awards will be presented at an annual autumn ceremony, alongside our Scholarship and Fellowship certificates, creating an event that showcases the outstanding achievements in the care and repair of old buildings. Our range of annual awards recognises the communities who care for our built heritage as well as the expert craftspeople and other professionals who repair them. The SPAB Heritage Awards looks to the future too, encouraging sympathetic new design and a sustainable outlook to building conservation.

The awards:

Building Craftsperson of the Year
Recognising the best up-and-coming craftspeople and builders working with historic buildings or traditional materials and methods of construction across the UK and Ireland.

Best Loved
Celebrating the love, care and attention given to buildings in the UK and Ireland, to keep them well maintained and in good repair. This award will be voted for by the public

Sustainable Heritage Award
Advocating for the best new design skills to be used in upgrading old buildings or adapting them for new uses in a changing environment.

Philip Webb Award
Celebrates and encourages the sympathetic reuse of old buildings and sensitive new design in an historic context.

John Betjeman Award
Given to celebrate excellence in the conservation and repair of places of worship of any faith across the UK and Ireland.

SPAB Scholarship and Fellowship
Celebrating the achievements of the SPAB Scholars and Fellows after their 6-9 month hands-on travelling training programmes.

If your business or organisation is interested in sponsoring individual awards please get in touch with Kate Streeter to find out more:

Tile image: Stokesay Castle, credit: Claire Holzem

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