Philip Webb Award

Philip Webb Award

First awarded in 1993, the Philip Webb Award sets architects in the early stages of their career a demanding but exciting dual conservation and design challenge.

The brief is to devise a scheme which sympathetically revitalises a historic building for reuse through careful repair of existing fabric and a significant element of new construction in a contemporary design. It’s a unique opportunity for those interested in sustainability, the reuse of old buildings and in developing experience in conservation practice to engage with the SPAB’s principles and showcase their skills. The competition is open to recent Part II graduates and current Part II students at UK Schools of Architecture. 

The 2020 award attracted a wealth of thoughtful, imaginative, ambitious and beautifully presented entries.  Having considered all the 2020 submissions anonymously aganist the competition criteria, the judges have shortlisted seven schemes to explore in more depth with their designers at an assessment day on 3 November, which will be held online, given the continuing risk posed by the coronavirus pandemic.  The results will be announced later in the year.   

The shortlisted schemes are:

  • Justin Chung (Manchester) - Islanded: a Reimagined Factory (Dana Prison, Shrewsbury)
  • Jess Tyson (Nottingham) - Principles of Continuity: Nottingham Arts Centre (Guildhall & Fire Station)
  • Emma Halford (Cardiff) - Navigation Colliery: Craft, Care & Conservation (Crumlin, South Wales)
  • Megan Peeks (UWE, Bristol) - Koutoubia Hammam, Marrakech, Morocco
  • Sarah Edwards (Sheffield) - Institute of Care: a test bed for conservation & repair (Longton, Stoke on Trent)
  • Shelby Green (De Montford, Leicester) - Caelatura: Long Stairs, Nottingham 
  • Team entry (Birmingham City) - Moseley Street Baths, Balsall Heath, Birmingham by Rebecca Chim, Shannon Ciriaco, Frances Lacey, Annabel Linch, Huma Mahmood, Lechelle Ndlovu, James Timmins