Building Craftsperson of the Year Award

Building Craftsperson of the Year Award

Award Sponsor

The Building Craftsperson Award, sponsored by Owlsworth IJP, recognises the best up-and-coming craftspeople working with traditional materials and old buildings.

Do you know an early-career craftsperson working with traditional skills, buildings and materials? Nominating them could be a game-changer for their career. 

Submit your entries or nominations by Wednesday 14 August 2024. You can find out more below, or get inspired by our previous shortlist and winners

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What are we looking for? 

  • Early-career craftspeople and builders who are new to their trades (formally engaged with their trade for a maximum of five years in 2024) 
  • Craftspeople working with historic buildings and traditional materials 
  • Craftspeople working with traditional forms of construction or in a related craft 
  • Traditional forms of construction include bricklayers, stonemasons, roofers, carpenters, joiners, framers, plasterers, earth builders, glaziers or conservation builders 
  • Related crafts include blacksmithing, signwriting, gilding, bell founding, bell hanging, clock making, leadworking or wallpaper printing 
  • Craftspeople must be practicing in the UK and/or Republic of Ireland (including Channel Islands and Isle of Man) 

How to enter 

Please enter via the online form. We need to know: 

  • Your name 
  • The name of the craftsperson you are nominating 
  • How they meet the criteria above 
  • Why you think this craftsperson deserves this Award 

You need to include: 

  • A minimum of three and a maximum of six high-resolution images (JPGs or PNGs) that show the craftsperson and their craft (300dpi minimum) 
  • Image credits and description saved in the file names, e.g. ‘Philip Webb doing lime plastering © William Morris’ 
  • You must have the photographer’s permission to submit these images 

All Awards are free to enter. Shortlisted entries will be required to purchase at least one in-person ticket to the Awards Ceremony (£59 Members, £69 Non-Members). 

We can only consider entries that meet the criteria above. 

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Many thanks to Owlsworth IJP for sponsoring this Award.

Header image: Rachel Stoplar