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What do we choose to record, why, and for whom? What is not being recorded and could be lost to the future? The ASCHB 2020 Conference investigates all these issues, examining not just traditional methods of recording but also new technologies and contemporary archiving practices.

6 March 2020, The National Archives, Kew
This one-day symposium, presented by ICON Stone and Wall Paintings group and supported by Historic England, sets out to review the practical and aesthetic results achieved in the 'lime method' of stone conservation, assess developments in the methodology and identify how it might be improved or amended in the future.

30 April 2020, Wells
Hot Limes for Builders and Specifiers  27 April 2020

Homeowner 'Old House' Repair weekend  2 - 3 May 2020

Energy Efficiency for Old Buildings  14 May 2020
The Scottish Lime Centre Trust offers a wide range of vocational and professional courses combining theory and practical working sessions designed to ensure that there are courses to suit everyone.
The Building Craft Programme is aimed at craftspeople looking to bridge the gap between basic qualifications and becoming a master craftsperson working in the heritage sector. The programme is suitable for participants who have experience in their trade but are looking to focus more specifically on heritage and traditional building crafts.