Other organisations' events

All courses and events listed here are run by organisations other than the SPAB and we have no responsibility for their content. Appearance on this list does not equal endorsement by the SPAB. Please contact the organiser using the details listed for each event with any questions or to find out more.

The Sylva Wood Centre offers a prime location for learning and skills development, situated in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside. They offer excellent facilities for courses in woodworking, forestry and rural management, outdoor learning, and other subjects.
For information about other events taking place during the Ruskin Bicentenary year visit the Ruskin To-Day website.
Mike Wye & Associates are passionate about sustainable and environmentally conscious construction. They offer training courses on a variety of subjects, including lime plastering and natural paint.
Whether you're looking for a technical building conservation diploma, a CPD course, summer classes or a tailored group visit, the Engine Shed's programmes suit all styles and levels of learning (part of Historic Environment Scotland).
The Museum runs two MSc programmes - one in building conservation and the other in timber building conservation. The deadline for applications is generally the middle of August to start in the autumn. The programmes are designed to provide a high level, practical and professional education at Masters level.