History at Your Feet

In summer 2016, the SPAB launched a campaign to encourage people to look down and appreciate the history at their feet in the form of beautiful old floors. Often in plans submitted for our consideration there is not much consideration given to historic floors.

Poynings: Consistory Court judgement

On 7 December, the SPAB received the judgement of The Worshipful Mark Hill QC, Chancellor of the Diocese of Chichester which ruled that proposals for underfloor heating in the historic heart of Holy Trinity, Poynings, Sussex were not to be permitted.

Past campaigns

The SPAB runs national campaigns raising awareness about important issues surrounding the protection of old buildings. 


Our work with buildings at risk puts the SPAB Approach into action by providing support for old buildings needing assistance.

Technical advice

All old buildings need regular care and maintenance in order to prevent serious disrepair. Windmills and watermills are by their nature exposed to wear from wind and water in addition to facing problems common to historic buildings.

The SPAB Mills Section has put together a suite of resources and guidance tailored to those caring for old windmills and watermills.