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Spitalfields Gardens open for National Gardens Scheme

Eight Spitalfields gardens, including the SPAB's courtyard, will be open to the public for the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) on Saturday 16 June, 11am-4pm.

Gwyn Watkins Award

This award acknowledges an outstanding personal contribution both to traditional buildings skills and in support of the Fellowship.

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Kevin McCloud: New Ambassador for the SPAB

A familiar name, face and voice to anyone interested in architecture and design, broadcaster Kevin McCloud has just become the SPAB’s first official Ambassador.

2018 SPAB Fellows announced

The SPAB is delighted to announce its 2018 SPAB Fellows. Since 1987 we have organised the Fellowship to foster a new generation of outstanding craftspeople.

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SPAB wins court case opposing harmful alterations to a medieval Sussex church

The SPAB won a landmark court case this month involving a harmful proposal to Grade I listed Holy Trinity, Poynings, Sussex.