Retrofitting Domestic Properties

Dealing with Damp in Old Buildings

Repairing Old Buildings: The SPAB Approach

Jon Cook

I'm leaving a legacy to ensure that Fosters Mill, of which I am custodian, and other mills can receive support in future.

Mildred Cookson

I joined the Mills Section in 1976 after visiting mills in John Vince’s booklet ‘Discovering Windmills’. Speaking with millers and mill owners I realised at once that all mills need constant repair. A few years later I joined the Mills Section because I felt and still feel passionately for what they stand for: to protect our surviving wind and watermills. To do this they need not only members to support them but also financial help. I shall be leaving money to the Mills Section for specific areas of their work.

Esher Award

The Esher Award is given to those who have furthered the cause of building conservation and the work of the SPAB.

John Betjeman Award

The award is given to celebrate excellence in the conservation and repair of places of worship of any faith in England and Wales.

Philip Webb Award

This award encourages and celebrates the sympathetic reuse of old buildings and sensitive new design in an historic context.