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Eugenia Fiocco is one of the SPAB’s most dedicated online learners. Based in Italy, throughout 2020-21 she has attended over 66 of our events. We asked her what buildings inspire her and how she came to hear about the SPAB.


Our Old House Project in Kent is a former gatehouse chapel to a Cistercian Abbey once housed a relic of the finger of St Andrew.


In 1885 a SPAB member's donation allowed us to help save this ancient church in North Wales from ruin


While sustainability is about much more than carbon impact reduction and matters that can be reduced to numbers, we'd like to introduce our findings which add to the conservation about the part that buildings will play in reducing our use of fossil fuels.


We look at these humble buildings, which offer refuge to travellers in a sometimes unforgiving landscape.


2021 Scholar Libby Watts introduces the history and production of plain glass windows


2021 Scholar Amy Redman shares her new-found love for a traditional craft and some of its challenges today


To mark 300 years since the death of the ‘incomparable’ sculptor and wood carver Grinling Gibbons, we looked in our archive to explore the relationship between the SPAB and the buildings where his work can be enjoyed today.


Eloise Palin of the Spitalfields Trust shares some of the conservation challenges found in the building's surprising secrets


This 1920s postcard shows our home, Hunter’s Moon, a 16th-century timber-framed house built on the Adur estuary but now a mile from the sea.