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10th May - 23:41

SPAB Ireland volunteer Gissella Renolfi highlights what is possibly Dublin's earliest surviving house, predating the city's Georgian development.

27th April - 16:35

Huddled beneath a vast sky, on the edge of a cliff, dwarfed by a hulking conical hill sits Holy Cross Church at Mwnt, Ceredigion. 

21st April - 19:32

Communications officer Felicity enjoys the illusions of a historically-informed 21st century theatre.


13th February - 16:07

For Valentine’s Day we thought we’d explore buildings we love, or which inspire romance. SPAB development officer, Laura Calder, writes about the Thomas Morton Hall in Leith, where she got married.

01st March - 17:19

SPAB Fenland & Wash regional group volunteer Clive Baker champions an imaginative example of re-use. Once a redundant Georgian church, St. Paul’s, Portland Square in Bristol is now a circus school.

06th February - 16:57

SPAB member Janice Gooch is fascinated by a former hunting lodge, and makes a case for the identity of its unknown architect.

16th January - 12:19

To the lovers of ancient buildings it is the ‘feel’ of a building that makes them ‘great’. For SPAB member Allan Ockenden nowhere fits this bill better than the tiny medieval chapel at Yatton, tucked away in a corner of the Herefordshire countryside.

11th December - 15:18

Ken Hill, a retired journalist and King’s Lynn resident since 1975 writes about a ‘Lynn’ landmark. He was a South Gate volunteer for a many years.