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06th February - 11:01

Find out more about this year's cohort of Scholars and Fellows, and why they can’t wait to get started. 

13th December - 13:25

Stonemason and SPAB Fellow Jack Buchanan describes a visit to Pluscarden Abbey, where reverence for the past, coupled with a willingness to adapt and repurpose, creates a harmonious coexistence between the ancient ruins and a vibrant, living community. 

14th June - 10:11

2023 SPAB Fellow Kate Longworth tells us about discovering the joys of bricklaying and the importance of female role models. 

11th January - 18:48

We’re delighted to welcome an enthusiastic new group of conservation professionals, who will begin their training programmes in March. 

11th November - 15:26

A shingle maker and signwriter, 2022 SPAB Fellow Owen Bushell recounts his experiences so far...

02nd August - 17:20
2022 SPAB Fellow Steve Hogarth reflects on how to retain the 'feel' of historic spaces, the SPAB Approach and its implications
13th May - 15:18

2022 Fellow Daahir Mohamed is a lime plasterer. From the road he shares some highlights and reflections on heritage. 

09th February - 14:07

We’re delighted that plasterer and 2022 Fellow Daahir Mohamed has been awarded a generous grant from Heritage Crafts. The grant will help to support him during the Fellowship, our six-month training scheme for craftspeople.

05th July - 17:14

SPAB Fellow Toby Slater explores the craft of Herefordshire carpenter and stonemason John Abel.

05th March - 00:00

2019 Fellow Matthew Wilson looks back on six months of travel, craft and thought-provoking conversations.