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10th May - 17:02

We recently reviewed an application to undertake repairs, alterations and convert the eastern service range at this Grade II lited hall. We objected to some harmful aspects of the plans and it was agreed that the layout should be revised and a more sensitive proposal developed.


08th April - 18:07

We have strongly objected to proposals to add a penthouse onto an existing extension of a Grade II* listed building, which sits at the heart of this historic town. 

07th February - 14:57

We’ve objected to proposals that will harm the beautiful historic farm buildings at Higher Melcombe Farm, next to the Grade I listed 15th century Manor and a deserted medieval village.

20th January - 11:49

Over the last few years we have been advising on proposals to the Cathedral's East End, the Chapter House and Cloister. 

06th December - 13:11

We recently supported proposals to install solar panels and two air source heat pumps at this Grade I listed medieval church

08th November - 13:03

To John Ruskin Lincoln Cathedral was “the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles”. One of its most celebrated features is the carved Romanesque frieze on the façade and we are deeply concerned about its future. 

19th October - 11:27

The potential repair of these beautiful but sadly neglected structures is a long running SPAB case. We are increasingly concerned at their rapid deterioration; in June 2021 part of the roof over the 17th-century bay collapsed. Unless urgent action is now taken to help these listed buildings, the situation will become critical.

13th September - 16:58

We were recently consulted about works to repair the Grade II* listed almshouses in Cornwall. We were impressed by the detailed and comprehensive application.

11th August - 23:31

We are deeply saddened to learn of the proposed demolition of this Grade II listed late-17th century farmhouse, stables and outbuildings under proposals for the High-Speed Rail 2 scheme. Unfortunately, under the High Speed Rail Act 2017, which modified the controls related to listed buildings, we have little or no scope for objection. No matter how well this is recorded, a historic building is irreplaceable.

12th July - 20:20

We are concerned that new development proposals to regenerate the area do not respect this important ruined church and will dwarf its surviving iconic tower.