Remember, remember Sourdough September

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News from our friends at the Real Bread Campaign: Sourdough September

September is when the Real Bread Campaign goes on a mission to help everyone discover that life’s sweeter with sourdough! For the seventh year running, the Real Bread Campaign is rallying bread lovers worldwide for a whole month dedicated to the oldest (and many people say the best) way of leavening a loaf.

At its simplest, genuine sourdough is made using just three ingredients. This year’s Sourdough September will revel in the amazing alchemy of crafting just flour, water and salt into delicious, golden Real Bread.

Using this holey trinity, novice home bakers and true artisans alike can nurture the yeasts and bacteria naturally present in flour to foster a thriving sourdough starter culture, whose microbial magic makes the dough rise.

Real Bread bakeries, baking schools and other organisers will be hosting classes, tastings, feasts and sourdough starter giveaways, and details of their sourdough shenanigans can be found on the Real Bread Campaign calendar.

The Real Bread Campaign is run by the food and farming charity Sustain. People can find places to buy Real Bread and find out more about the charity’s work at

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The aims of #SourdoughSeptember are to:

•             Share the delicious delights of genuine sourdough
•             Encourage more people to bake genuine sourdough
•             Celebrate the small, independent bakeries that bake genuine sourdough
•             Encourage people to join and/or donate to the Real Bread Campaign


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