Brixton Windmill

Brixton Windmill


Brixton Windmill is a five storey brick tower mill built in 1816 and is the last surviving windmill in inner London. Used as a working windmill until 1862, the building was given a new lease of life in 1902 with the addition of a steam powered provender mill. Following a full restoration in 2010/11, the building is now open to visitors and the provender mill has started turning once again. Now...


Grid reference:

TQ 304 743

Town/city: LONDON
OS sheet:

176 & 177

Postcode: SW2 5DA

Bus services: 45, 59, 109, 118, 133, 159, 250 and 333. Alight at Blenheim Gardens. (Coming from Brixton tube station, it's the third stop.) By train: Brixton 1 mile By car: the windmill is situated one mile south of Brixton on the A23, off Brixton Hill. There is no on-site parking. You can park on Blenheim Gardens, but from Monday to Friday, 08.30-18.30, you have to buy a ticket from the machine.


Name: Ms Toussainte Reba

Opening Times:

One Saturday and Sunday per month, usually on the second weekend, 13.00 - 17.00 (see web site). Book tours in advance on website.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Saturday and Sunday, 13.00-17.00. 

Additional Information: