Millwrighting skills

The Mills Section has become increasingly concerned about the decline in millwrighting skills in the UK and, in particular, millwright training. In 2019, millwrighting was placed on the Heritage Crafts Association's 'HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts'.

In common with other areas of the heritage sector, many of the long-established traditional family firms engaged in millwrighting have gone out of business and have been replaced by smaller firms, typically sole-traders. These firms do not have the resources to train apprentices and as a result there are very few new entrants into millwrighting.

To help provide training for future millwrights and so ensure the future of the milling heritage sector, the Mills Section has begun work to address this shortfall. In the first instance we are establishing a one-year training opportunity, through the William Morris Craft Fellowship, for an experienced craftsperson interested in learning the additional skills to enable them to repair mills; in the longer term it is planned to establish a more comprehensive millwright training programme for those wishing to enter the sector from a more junior starting point.

Millwright Training Opportunity 2020

In a joint initiative with the SPAB, the Mills Section is inviting applications for one place on the SPAB’s Craft Fellowship scheme from a craftsman or craftswoman in any relevant trade who has an interest in mills, and in using and extending their skills to repair and maintain them. The scheme will follow the existing format of the Craft Fellowship scheme, comprising learning and placements across the country. This is not a complete millwright training programme or apprenticeship, but a way for an experienced craftsperson to acquire specific additional skills to enable them to work on mills. Training extends over a period of nine months and is offered with a bursary to help cover travel and other costs.

To find out more and download an application form, visit the Fellowship page.
Closing date for applications: 1st December 2019.