Maintenance Matters: further reading

Maintenance Matters: further reading


Animals, insects and funghi
Bat Conservation Trust, Bats and Buildings (PDF download)
Building Conservation, The eradication of inesct pests in buildings
IHBC, Natural Environment Conditions
Historic Environment Scotland, Bird control in Historic Buildings
Historic Environment Scotland, Insect attack to timber

National Heritage Training Group, Heritage and Conservation Registers

Historic Environment Scotland, Graffiti removal

Damp and moisture control
Energy Saving Trust, Damp and condensation solutions
Historic Environment Scotland, Inform Guide: How to deal with damp gables
Historic Environment Scotland, Damp: Causes and Solutions
Historic House, Managing damp in old buildings
Old House Info, Damp
Real Homes, How to deal with damp and rot

Maintenance Guides
Cadw, Why maintenance matters
Historic England, Guide for Owners of Listed Buildings
Historic Environment Scotland, Maintenance of traditional buildings
Historic Environment Scotland, Repair of traditional buildings
Historic Environment Scotland, Structural cracks
Newcastle City Council, Repair and maintenance of traditional buildings (PDF download)
West Suffolk Council, Maintaining Listed & Historic Buildings (PDF download)


Place of worship

General maintenance
Baptists Together, Looking after your Church Building
Historic England, Maintenance and Repair
Historic England, The Value of Maintenance
Historic England, Repair Using Replacement Materials
IHBC, Northern Ireland Care for Your Church (PDF download)
The Methodist Church, Keeping your buildings in good repair (including electrical services)
National Churches Trust, Regular maintenance
Peterborough Diocese, Timber - assessment & treatment (Word doc download)
Church Building Project, Buildings for Mission Handbook: a complete guide to the care, conservation and development of churches

Church of England, Maintenance and restoration of Church bells (PDF download)
Church of England, Code of practice:Conservation and repair of bells and bellframes (PDF download)

Bath and Well Diocese, Church monuments DAC guidance (Word doc download)
Ministry of Justice, Manageing the safety of Burial Ground Memorials (PDF download)
Historic England, Caring for Historic Cemetery and Graveyard Monuments
Historic England, Conserving War Memorials: Cleaning
Historic England, Conserving War Memorials: Structural problems and repair

Church of England, Electrical Wiring Installations in Churches (PDF download)
Ecclesiastical, Electrical wiring in churches (PDF download)

Fire and safety
Ecclesiastical, Church repairs and restoration (PDF download)

Historic England, Maintaining Historic Tiles
Historic England, Care and Conservation of Historic Architectural Tiles
Peterborough Diocese, Floors, levelling, altering and covering (Word doc download)
SPAB, Stone floors
SPAB and Church Care, Historic Floors Guidance Note (PDF download)

Interior fabric
Church Care, Recommendations for the care of Roodscreens
Bath and Wells Diocese, Tower steps - DAC guidance (PDF download)
Historic England, Redecoration of Places of Worship
Peterborough Diocese, Redecoration (Word doc download)

Church Care, metalwork

Rainwater fittings
Church Care, Rainwater Goods and Drainage (PDF download)
Historic England, Gutter clearance checklist (PDF download)
SPAB, Rainwater Fittings
SPAB, Decorative lead work
SPAB, Plumbing Leadwork: Joints and Pipes (PDF download)

Church Care, Roofs (PDF download)
SPAB, Roof maintenance

SPAB, Repointing
SPAB, Stone walls

Weather events
Historic England, Flooding and Historic Buildings

Bath and Wells Diocese, Churchyard paths (Word doc download)
Bath and Wells Diocese, Care, reordering and recording (PDF download)
Caring for God's Acre Action pack
Historic England, Management of Historic Cemeteries

Building Conservation, Church Repair Contractors
National Churches Trust, Professional Trades Directory

Gutter clearance programmes
Chelmsford Diocese, Gutter Clearance Scheme for Diocese of Chelmsford
Gutter Clear for Gloucestershire churches
London Diocese, Gutter Maintenance Programme for London Dioceses
Maintenance Booker for England