SPAB Briefings

The SPAB Briefings offer a summary of recent work by the Society. Briefings offer cutting-edge information to help both owners and building professionals. They contain views, advice and information from specialists and members of the Society's staff.

Briefings are edited by Roger Hunt, an award-winning writer and blogger specialising in sustainability, old houses, housebuilding and traditional and modern building materials. He is the co-author of Old House Handbook and the companion volume Old House Eco Handbook which you can purchase from the SPAB shop.

Disaster and Recovery

The fourth SPAB Briefing aims to explain how we can ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect old buildings from potential disasters.

Energy Efficiency in Old Buildings

Old buildings are sustainable but they can still frequently benefit from sensitive, well-informed energy efficiency measures.


An understanding of lime is fundamental to the repair and long-term protection of our historic buildings.

Windows and Doors

Old windows and doors bring texture and life to many old buildings, helping to stir our spirits and perceptions, but they are threatened as never b