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Members of the SPAB living and working in Scotland decided to form their own semi-autonomous group in 1995. Scotland has its own building traditions, architectural language and property laws, all of which are best dealt with locally. All members of the SPAB residing in Scotland are automatically members of SPAB Scotland. If you are a SPAB member residing outside Scotland and would like to find out more about SPAB Scotland events and activities, please contact our Scotland Officer, Lucy Stewart at to be added to the mailing list. Members north of the border get all of the benefits of SPAB membership, plus a dedicated series of events, both technical and recreational.

Membership administration is handled by the SPAB in London, so please join online.

SPAB Scotland has its own Committee, which is currently made up of nine members. There can be up to 12 Committee members, and the term of appointment is three years. Key posts may require availability for up to eight meetings a year outside of working hours.  If you would like to know more about being part of the committee or simply helping out with one or two events, please get in touch with us. Our current Chair is Tyler Lott Johnston.

Guardians for SPAB Scotland are: Caroline Webster (Elgin), Aida Dehpour (Aberdeenshire), Stephanie Weinraub (Stirling), Peter McCluskey (Glasgow), Brigit Luffingham (Glasgow), Martin Hadlington (Oban), Nic Boyes (Edinburgh), Tyler Lott Johnston (Edinburgh), and Amy Redman (Cumbria).  

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Keep up to date with SPAB Scotland news and events through our email newsletter. We aim to issue this monthly, with a summary of SPAB Scotland events, other events of interest in Scotland, jobs and other items of interest.  Do send us anything you think should be included!

Thatch survey 2014-2015

Scotland has a long tradition of using thatch, and one of the most diverse ranges of thatching materials and techniques found in Europe. But thatched buildings have largely disappeared from the rural landscape in many parts of Scotland. This survey is the essential first step in identifying the type and quality of thatched buildings which remain, so that skills and resources can be directed most effectively.


Your donation will support a variety of activities, including providing free educational lectures, advice and campaigning on behalf of Scotland's historic built environment. SPAB Scotland are very grateful for any and all donations that support our work. 


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