SPAB digital community guidelines

SPAB digital community guidelines

We aim to post on our social media channels regularly with tips and advice, inspiring stories and the latest news about our work and the heritage sector. Please share your videos, photos, and ideas with us on social media. We’re always grateful to read your comments, listen to your feedback and we’re happy to answer questions.

To ensure our social media channels are enjoyable spaces for everyone, please take a moment to read our guidelines, which are as follows:


1. Speak respectfully.

Be kind and courteous. Differences of opinion are encouraged; personal attacks are not. We don’t accept the use of obscene, violent, abusive, libellous, discriminatory, defamatory, unlawful or threatening language or imagery in the digital spaces we manage.


2. Stay on topic.

Please keep chain posts, commercial advertising and repetitive posts to your own social media channels. As a rule, we don’t engage with posts and comments of a commercial or party-political nature.


3. Respect privacy.

Please don’t share personal information about yourself or other people on social media. If you need to share personal information with us, please email or phone us instead.


4. Be part of our community.

Users who breach our guidelines may have their comments hidden or removed, may not receive a response to direct messages and repeat offenders may be blocked. Users posting obscene, violent, abusive, libellous, discriminatory, defamatory, unlawful or threatening content may be reported.


5. Know what to expect.

Our core office hours are between 9.30am-5.30pm from Monday to Friday.

We aim to respond to enquiries as quickly as we can, but we are a small organisation so please be patient. If your enquiry is urgent, you can also call us within office hours on 020 7377 1644 or email us.


6. Understand the platform.

Each social media platform has its own Terms of Use which outlines how you (and we) are allowed to use the platform.