The Need for Old Buildings to Breathe Re-Examined

The Need for Old Buildings to Breathe Re-Examined

David Wiggins PhD offers insight into his detailed research into mortars

We know buildings need to breathe, but how does this work, and why is it so critical?

27/04/2021 - 27/04/2021


Advanced CPD,
Virtual event: held online
United Kingdom

Online CPD - £25

Start time 12 noon

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This CPD session is aimed at experienced conservation professionals and practitioners. David Wiggins will examine the response of traditional solid masonry walls to moisture, probing the issue of the 'breathability' of old buildings. Sacrificial weathering will be unpacked as a process, and modern mortars critically evaluated for compatibility against hot-mixed lime mortars. Practical specification guidance will be given on lime mortar for exposed conditions.

David is passionate about keeping old masonry buildings standing up. He has a doctorate in the technical conservation of heritage masonry, is a CARE-Accredited structural engineer, and director of Clach Conservation Engineering. His work focuses on the structural repair and conservation of architectural and civil engineering heritage, remaining actively involved in research & development in the field of technical masonry conservation.

This CPD session is aimed at architects and building professionals who already have a basic working knowledge of lime mortar, but who would like to understand how it works in greater detail. 

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