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We are very excited that this summer leading craftspeople and specialists will carry out urgent roof repairs at St Andrew’s, Boxley. With their help we will make some new handmade tiles and can conserve as much of the original roof as possible.


Despite a campaign to save it, this splendid building was demolished in 1890 and its oak frontage hangs in the V&A museum; an early example of facadism in this area of London.


In May our enthusiastic, hard-working and reforming Chair Iain Boyd stepped down in after six years steering the Society. Here Iain reflects on his tenure.


Street and place names prompt SPAB Scholar Bethan Watson to consider the lost country houses in her neighbourhood.


To celebrate we asked SPAB Scholar Tríona Byrne to write about her work as a conservation engineer


The original design of the square allowed for generous provision of green space to deal with 'spiritual matters’ of the day, all of which continues to be appreciated by residents today. SPAB Scholar Lilian Tuohy Main writes from North London.


We have recently objected to an application for listed buildings consent to remove the late-Victorian bay windows in this medieval house in Gloucestershire. The proposal aims to restore the facade to its 17th-century appearance and we have always been opposed to the restoration of buildings to their original — or imagined original — form.


It is with great sadness that we announce the recent death of Janet Locke. Janet was a SPAB Scholar in 1950 along with Donald Insall, Cecil Searle, Peter Locke and Pamela Cunnington. She will be remembered as an intelligent and sensitive architect.


Our archive documents the work of the Society since its foundation in 1877 and is an invaluable source of information and inspiration.


Our archive contains a file on building known as Willy Lott’s House in Flatford, Suffolk. which was was made famous by its depiction in John Constable’s paintings, most notably ‘The Hay Wain’.