Clayrack Drainage Mill

Clayrack Drainage Mill


A hollow post drainage mill with a full set of patent sails and a scoop wheel. It was originally situated at Ranworth Broad, and fell into disuse in 1903. It was moved to its present position in the 1980s. No sails at present, waiting for a repair programme.


Grid reference:

TG 369 194

Town/city: Great Yarmouth
OS sheet:


Postcode: NR29 5PG
Geocode: @52.7171154, 1.512353 Open in Map

About 200 yds N of Boardman's drainage mill on the east bank of the river Ant.


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Opening Times:

Visible at all times from the river and public footpath. No internal access.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Exterior visible from the river and public footpath at all times.