Charney Watermill

Charney Watermill


A 3-storey watermill, built in 1807; coursed limestone to the ground floor and weather boarded above. Two pairs of stones and late 19th century cast-iron machinery. The machinery and waterwheel is being restored, but at present there is no water supply.


Grid reference:

SU 382 944

Town/city: Charney Bassett
OS sheet:


Postcode: OX12 0EP
Geocode: @51.6487741, -1.4522628 Open in Map

About 2 miles S of A420, in Charney Bassett, E from the church and opposite the entrance to the manor house.


Name: Mr Bruce Hedge
Phone: 01235210612

Opening Times:

By appointment only.

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Not open.