Mortimer's Cross Mill

Mortimer's Cross Mill


The only workable water-powered corn mill in Herefordshire, it dates from c.1750. The external breast-shot waterwheel and machinery were replaced a little over a hundred years later. A remarkably complete mill, with three pairs of stones, and all its machinery and equipment. Milling for demonstration only. Alongside once stood a paper mill. A footpath leads along the leat to a weir on the...


Grid reference:

SO 426 637

Town/city: Lucton
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Postcode: HR6 9PE
Geocode: @52.2687326, -2.8415424 Open in Map

Mortimer's Cross is on A4110, one mile S of Aymestrey. Mill is on N side of B4362 to Ludlow, just E of road junction. Large car park.


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The mill has recently been closed by English Heritage 'temporarily'

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