Risbury Mill

Risbury Mill


This small 18th century corn mill is in an idyllic situation formerly fed from the Humber Brook, but it has lost its water supply. The 19th century machinery, two of the three pairs of millstones, and the frame of the external overshot waterwheel remain. Extra storage room has been obtained by the upward brick extension of the mill. There is a large flour dresser on the first floor, and a...


Grid reference:

SO 540 550

Town/city: Leominster
OS sheet:


Postcode: HR6 0NG
Geocode: @52.191332, -2.673337 Open in Map

The entrance is by the bridge over the Humber Brook, on the road from Risbury towards Stoke Prior.


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Opening Times:

By appointment only

National Mills Weekend opening times:

Saturday 11th May, 10am to 4pm.