Mathern Mill

Mathern Mill


  Mathern Mill is a corn mill whose existence can be traced back to at least the 17th century. Although milling ceased in 1968 much of the Victorian machinery remains intact. There are 4 pairs of millstones and a brick built engine house which was built to house a steam engine (no longer in situ) to supplement the water supply. The mill is unrestored and only the ground floor will be open to...


Grid reference:

ST 5154 9163

Town/city: Chepstow
OS sheet:


Postcode: NP16 6LG
Geocode: @51.621489, -2.701361 Open in Map

On entering Mathern village from the A48, turn right at the war memorial and follow the lane for 400yds.


Name: Mr David Bowen
Phone: 01291 622282

News & Events:

Mill open for National Mills Weekend 2024, Saturday & Sunday, 2pm to 5pm. FREE