National Mills Weekend

“A fantastic opportunity for everyone to get inside their local windmill or watermill and explore their local industrial history. For mill owners it is also a chance to share our enthusiasm for these buildings and for traditional flour milling.” 
- Jonathan Cook, former Chairman of the SPAB Mills Section, owner of Fosters Mill in Cambridgeshire


National Mills Weekend and coronavirus:

due to the coronavirus outbreak, the advice from the UK government is to “avoid large and small gatherings in public spaces”. This includes the National Mills Weekend. This is the reason why the National Mills Weekend is cancelled this year and we also encourage mills not to open.

National Mills Weekend takes place across the UK every May, with more than 300 windmills and watermills opening their doors to the public. This annual festival of our milling heritage is the chance for everyone to explore their local mills. Participating mills include many not normally open to the public, with a range of special events and family-friendly activities. In 2020, National Mills Weekend will be held on 9th and 10th May.

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We are advising Mills not to open during the National Mills Weekend, due to the coronavirus outbreak. 


Find mills that are open to visitors and see which are participating in National Mills Weekend. Be sure to tick the 'Open for National Mills Weekend?' box before clicking on Search.


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Are you a mill Owner?

Would you be interested in opening your mill for National Mills Weekend? Taking part is a great way to engage with the local community, and can help to raise funds for repairs or a local charity.


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If you are a member of the press interested in more information about National Mills Weekend please see our press release.