Repairing a traditional windmill or watermill can be an expensive business, involving specialist craftspeople and machinery. You might be able to get some funding help from the following sources. 

SPAB Mills Section’s Mill Repair Fund

With our Mill Repair Fund, we can award small grants to help repair traditional windmills and watermills. Most grants are for between £500 and £1,200. 

National Lottery Heritage Fund 

The National Lottery Heritage Fund uses money raised by National Lottery players to fund heritage projects across the UK. 

Architectural Heritage Fund

The Architectural Heritage Fund promotes the conservation and sustainable re-use of historic buildings for the benefit of communities across the UK, particularly in economically disadvantaged areas. It offers grants and loans where a building is listed, scheduled or in a conservation area.

Midland Mills Group

The Midland Mills Group has a fund for the repair of mills in the Midlands. 

Local councils 

Some councils are able to provide or signpost grants for local heritage projects. Contact your local council for information.