Faith in Maintenance

"Stave off decay by daily care." 
- William Morris

The SPAB's award-winning Faith in Maintenance project helped volunteers who care for historic places of worship to understand their buildings better and to carry out basic preventative maintenance. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage, the project ran for five years (2007 -2012). It delivered 150 courses and trained more than 5,000 volunteers throughout England and Wales for Anglican, Methodist, United Reformed Church, Roman Catholic and Jewish groups.


Maintenance courses

Although the Faith in Maintenance project was concluded in 2012, we continue to run a series of one-day bespoke training courses that have been developed from the project. Find examples of the course programmes on our bespoke training page.

Bespoke training

The main aims of the five-year Faith in Maintenance project.

The annual reviews and project summaries from 2007-2012.

Final project evaluation reports and final external evaluation reports from 2007-2012.

The project won the prestigious Europa Nostra Award in the Education, Training and Awareness-raising Category in 2010.