Visit the SPAB at IHBC@COP26 Helpdesk+

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We are delighted to be hosting two forthcoming online sessions on the IHBC helpdesk during COP26. The IHBC@COP26 ‘Conservation Helpdesk+’ is a free virtual event hosted by the IHBC (Institute of Historic Building Conservation) as a Zoom meeting. It is open to visitors each day of COP26 (31 October-12 November) from 3pm-8pm local time, offering guidance and special features. We hope to see you there.


“If we are to be 'trustees for those that come after us' in William Morris’s words, we need to consider the impact of our treatment of old buildings on future generations. Overall, the SPAB Approach is about understanding, care and conservative repair. It is a simple message of sustainability. Through protection of building fabric the stories and beauty embodied in old buildings can be enjoyed by us and by generations to come. This is as much an issue for us today as it was in 1877….” The SPAB Approach


Monday 8 November

6-8pm SPAB Old House Project 'Repairing an old house in an ecological and sustainable way – a case study’.  This talk will be presented by architect and SPAB Scholar Mal Fryer, and will detail some of the work undertaken at the house so far.

Following that Marianne Suhr (co-author of the SPAB’s Old House Eco Handbook) and Jonny Garlick of SPAB will join Mal for a 45-minute virtual discussion and debate of how the proposals mentioned will be put into practice using the SPAB’s Approach.  This is a great chance to listen in to cutting edge sustainability practice for historic buildings and take part in a real discussion about work the SPAB will be undertaking in 2022.


Thursday 11 November

3-5pm:  We will present two 30 minute talks given by our head of casework Christina Emerson (Legislation & Casework), and technical director Douglas Kent (Traditional Building Construction). They will be joined by our director Matthew Slocombe from 4pm for a wide-ranging Q&A session, making this SPAB’s COP26 ‘showcase event’.




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