Cecily Greenhill: legator

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Cecily Greenhill was the SPAB's archivist for many years and left a generous legacy to the Society when she died in 2012. Cecily, known to all in the organisation as 'Green', valued the Society's work and ideas. Green joined the Society’s staff in the early 1980s, under the Secretaryship of David Pearce. She was a devoted and enthusiastic custodian of the SPAB’s historic records, knowing its files and collections intimately. She helped many hundreds of researchers with their work and through this was only too aware of the fragility of much of the archive’s material. She was well acquainted with the wealth of information and knowledge about buildings, people and repair methods held by the Society. Green's support has helped the SPAB continue its work and we plan to make the accumulation of knowledge held within the archive more accessible in future.


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