Technical advice

All old buildings need regular care and maintenance in order to prevent serious disrepair. Windmills and watermills are by their nature exposed to wear from wind and water in addition to facing problems common to historic buildings. The resources below provide information and guidance on repairing, maintaining and operating mills. They enshrine the Mills Section’s philosophy of repair of windmills and watermills.

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Principles and practice in watermill repair

A guide to maintenance and repair. It includes information on brick, roof, structural timber repair and more.

Guide to UK mini hydropower developments

A guide by the British Hydropower Association for anyone planning to develop a small-scale hydro-electric scheme in the UK.

Philosophy of repair

This leaflet outlines the Mills Section’s views on the best way to approach the protection and repair of windmills and watermills.

Glossary of mill terms

In 1996 Tony Yoward created a glossary to provide a standard definition of mill terms to enable expressions to be understood.