MCP & FiM Resources

Toolkit Introduction

More about the Maintenance Co-operatives, what the Toolkit is and how it can help you.

Sample Risk Assessment

Use our sample risk assessment and the HSE website to help you assess your project.

Baseline Survey Template

You can download the Baseline Survey Template as a PDF or an editable spreadsheet version. 

Kit Box Equipment List

During the Maintenance Co-operatives Project we distributed 80 kit boxes, packed with everything you need to get a co-op going. The boxes were limited edition, but this guide will help you to put together your own.

Baseline Survey Completion Guide

Some handy hints and tips to help you survey your historic faith building. 

Drawing Floor and Roof Plans

You'll need to make a sketch of your building before surveying it. Here's a handy guide to show you how. 


Baffled by building terminology? Here's a short guide to some of the more commonly used terms relevant to historic places of worship.

Maintenance Plan Template

An example of a Maintenance Plan, print and use this, or use it as a guide to create your own.

Caring for Churchyards

This advice document may be of help in caring for your historic churchyard or burial ground.

Place of Worship Information Sheet

One place to note down everything, from useful contacts to the location of the first aid kit.