Mills Section legacies

In a speech at the SPAB in 1896, William Morris said “We are only trustees [of buildings] for those that come after us”. His words are as true today as they were in 1896 and they chime with the sentiments of many members of the Mills Section and wider Society. As custodians of our milling heritage we are able to influence those in authority and those who own our mills to ensure that buildings and machinery are protected, properly repaired and cared for for future generations. But how can we extend our influence beyond this?

One vital way we can all continue to contribute and ensure William Morris’s vision is achieved is to leave a legacy to the Mills Section. The Mills Section has significant experience in managing legacies to ensure that the wishes of benefactors are realised, ensuring monies left for the benefit of particular mills or for the wider work of the Mills Section are spent in accordance with the terms of the legacy.

If you are considering leaving your estate or part of your estate for the benefit of particular mills, mills in general or the work of the Mills Section, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your wishes. We can help liaise between you and your legal advisers to ensure that at the appropriate time, your legacy is used in accordance with your wishes. Where legacies are left for mill repair work, we ensure that monies are spent in accordance with your wishes and used to best effect by ensuring work is done in accordance with the Philosophy of Repair of the Mills Section.

You can rest assured that those who are trustees of our milling heritage after you will benefit from your financial support. If you wish to discuss leaving a legacy to the Mills Section please contact the SPAB director Matthew Slocombe: / 020 7377 1644 or Kate Streeter in the development team: / 020 7377 1644