Sponsor a Tile


Sponsor a tile and become a lasting part of the Old House Project

We need quite a few tiles to repair the roof at St Andrews and we are very excited to be working with a consortium of the country’s leading clay tile specialists, who are helping us to source the right clay, experiment with different firing techniques and make each and every new tile that we need. We also hope to build a demonstration clamp kiln in the garden at St Andrews, where if early testing goes well, we may be able to fire a small batch of tiles from our very own gault clay subsoil. 

Sponsor a tile today and you will become a lasting part of our efforts to save St Andrews Chapel. All donations to the campaign will go to support the Old House Project and to thank you for your generosity we will:

  • Enter your name, your company name or the name of the recipient (if you are giving a gift) in the SPAB time capsule, to be buried at the end of the project 
  • Send you a beautiful comemorative gift card 
  • Enter you into a draw for tickets to the capsule burial ceremony 
Photography: Christian Montez