Apply for the SPAB Scholarship

This may be done by hand (see link to PDF form below) or by completing this online form. Before you complete your form, please make sure that you have thoroughly read the notes, which you can download from the Scholarship page of our website.

If you are going to completing online, we suggest reading through the form fully before starting to fill it out. You won't be able to save a draft, so you might want to type up your answers to longer questions in a word processor first and then copy and paste them into the form when you are happy with them.

When you have completed all the sections of the form, please click the submit button. This will send the form straight to us - you don't need to do anything else. A copy will also be emailed to you for your reference. 

If you have trouble completing it online, or have any questions about the programme, please contact Catharine Bull, Scholarship Officer or

If you prefer, you can also apply by downloading this PDF form, completing in your own handwriting or using your computer (either is acceptable to us). Completed forms can be emailed to or posted to us at Scholarship Applications, The SPAB, 37 Spital Square, E1 6DY.


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Thank you for completing the form. Please check your answers and then click submit. A copy of your application will be emailed to us and you should also receive an email confirmation.