Technical Advice Line

Call us on 020 7456 0916 and have a chat with a member of our experienced team. Please note that we have one advisor available at a time. You may need to wait on hold while our advisors provide the best advice possible to each individual caller.

The SPAB’s advice line is a free and confidential service open to anyone with a technical enquiry relating to old buildings. Our helpline advisors are qualified building surveyors and architects who answer over 1,000 calls a year from building owners, professionals, contractors and others. The advisors can also draw on the support of the Society’s Technical Panel, a group recognised for their technical knowledge and experience in the field of building conservation.

Our technical line offers advice and information on a diverse range of topics, from controlling dampness to repointing mortar joints and upgrading energy efficiency. We can also suggest the names of professionals, contractors and specialists to you. The SPAB receives no recompense for this service but it is provided as a means of attempting to ensure that experienced people are engaged by those responsible for old buildings.

Unlike commercial organisations, the Society dispenses completely impartial advice without the attached strings of any vested financial interest. We cannot be definitive as we are unable to inspect the building but many callers have commented on how useful they have found the service. Because our advice line is provided free of charge on limited resources, with only one member of staff taking calls at any given time, opening hours may vary and the service can become busy at times. If you can’t get through immediately, please do try again.

In addition, we suggest that you visit the advice section of our website. Answers can be found here to some of the questions the Society is most frequently asked. You may also find details of a publication that is relevant to your query. Regrettably, we find it difficult to provide individually tailored responses to enquiries by email or in writing, and we are unable to reply to voicemail messages left on the advice line.

If you or your firm are SPAB Members and would like to be considered for inclusion as a suggested supplier on the Technical Advice Line database, please complete the application form below:


Call the Technical Advice Line on 020 7456 0916. Weekdays 9.30am-12.30pm.

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"Thanks for the advice over the phone. It was really useful and has given us a clear way forward"

- Caller to the Technical Advice Line


How we are funded - Technical Advice Line

The SPAB is grateful to Historic England for supporting the technical advice line.