Energy efficiency

Old buildings can be energy efficient. Explore articles relating to energy efficiency and sustainability.

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Suspended timber floor insulation

This article explores the options for suspended timber floor insulation in historic buildings.

Rafter-level insulation

This is the installation of thermal insulation at the level of rafters – the inclined timber members that form the top of the frame supporting a pitched roof.

Loft insulation

This article weighs up the merits of installing thermal insulation above ceilings in the lofts of old buildings – including those with tile or slate roofs.

Energy efficiency in old buildings

SPAB believes that if approaches aren't based on the right figures to begin with, then we could be doing untold, invasive damage.

Breathability and old buildings

In the context of building materials, and with particular reference to old and historic buildings, the generic term ‘breathable’ is used to describe an important property of building fabric: the extent to which building materials are able to transmit moisture.