Board of Trustees

Meet our Board of Trustees


The SPAB is currently interviewing for our next Chair position and the successful candidate will be announced in the winter SPAB magazine. In the interim, Trustees Rachel Morley and Charles Wagner have been elected to serve as co-chairs.
Vice Chair
Charles Wagner
Charles graduated as a civil engineer, was awarded an SPAB Scholarship in 1980 and went onto work for English Heritage. He left in 2015 to be a heritage and planning consultant, and work with the Built Heritage Consultancy. He is President of the Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings (ASCHB) and Co-chair of the Heritage Alliance’s Spatial Planning Advisory Group. He is actively involved in building conservation with the Mausolea & Monuments Trust, his local historic cemetery friends, his local amenity societies and Fulham Palace.
Chris Wheaton
Chris has been a financial analyst for over twenty years but his most fulfilling roles have been voluntary ones. His most recent volunteer work was as a trustee of a sizeable multi-school charitable trust with annual income of over £30m and nearly 500 employees. Chris has been a SPAB member for at least 10-15 years and has loved old buildings for as long as he can remember.

Trustees and Guardians

A brief description of Trustees and Guardians.

Jessica Sutcliffe

A conservation architect and a founding trustee of Square Chapel, Halifax, West Yorkshire, actively contributing to its gradual transformation.

Duncan McCallum

Duncan is Strategy and Listing Director at Historic England. He has over 30 years of experience in the heritage sector.

Nichola Tasker

Nichola works for English Heritage and is presently on secondment at their Stonehenge Director.

James Weir

Historic buildings consultant and surveyor, SPAB Casework Panel member currently researching late medieval and early modern community buildings.

Mildred Cookson

Joined the SPAB in 1976 and has been a Section committee member for many years also serving as Chairman for 3 years.

Gillian Darley

A writer, broadcaster and biographer.

Rachel Morley

Director of Friends of Friendless Churches; process and chemical engineer turned stone and plaster conservator.

Richard Max

Richard is a solicitor and specialises in planning and compulsory purchase law.

Catherine Cullis

Past SPAB Churches and Cathedrals Officer whose career has concentrated on the care of historic ecclesiastical buildings.