Board of Trustees

Executive Board members are the trustees of the SPAB and directors of the Incorporated Association. They are responsible under charity law for governance of the SPAB, delegating management responsibility to the director and staff. The Board has up to 12 members, 8 of whom must be Guardians - one appointed from each of the Guardians’ committees. It can also co-opt additional members with specialist skills who become Guardians. The Board meets five times a year. Guardian-trustees and co-optees serve for three years. No member may serve for more than six years in succession. Guardian-trustees must step down once their Guardian tenure comes to an end. Honorary officers – Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer – are elected by the Board.


Duncan McCallum
Duncan has over 35 years of experience in the sector. He studied planning and building conservation at Newcastle and York Universities and undertook a variety of heritage roles across England in local authorities. He joined English Heritage in 1996, later moving to Historic England. His final role there was as Strategy and Listing Director. He left in 2022 to devote his time to various heritage-related causes.
Chris Wheaton
Chris has been a financial analyst for over twenty years but his most fulfilling roles have been voluntary ones. His most recent volunteer work was as a trustee of a sizeable multi-school charitable trust with annual income of over £30m and nearly 500 employees. Chris has been a SPAB member for at least 10-15 years and has loved old buildings for as long as he can remember.
Vice Chair
Tríona Byrne
Tríona is a structural engineer and SPAB Scholar passionate about vernacular architecture. She co-founded and previously chaired SPAB Ireland.

Our trustees

A brief description of Trustees and Guardians.

Hazel Morris

Hazel is a chartered surveyor and values commercial property across the UK. She is the chair of the Kent and Surrey Regional Group.

Jo Thwaites
Georgina Nayler MBE

Until 2020, Georgina was Director of The Pilgrim Trust, and has worked in grant giving throughout her career.

Sally Stradling

Sally is a Heritage Consultant with a specialism in vernacular architecture and thatch.

Tyler Lott Johnston

Tyler is a trained building conservator with international experience and serves as Trustee of Built Environment Forum Scotland

Mildred Cookson

Mildred joined the SPAB in 1976 and has been a Mills Section committee member for many years also serving as Chairman for three years.

Richard Max

Richard is a solicitor and specialises in planning and compulsory purchase law.

Catherine Cullis

Catherine is the past churches and cathedrals officer for the SPAB and her career has concentrated on the care of historic ecclesiastical buildings