Good Housekeeping - Part 2

Good Housekeeping - Part 2

Caring for your old building’s historic fittings, fixtures and furnishings.

21/02/2022 - 21/02/2022
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Introductory, General Interest, CPD
Virtual event: held online
United Kingdom

£45 per person - full price

£18 per person - students

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Good Housekeeping - Part 2
Caring for your old building's historic fittings, fixtures and furnishings

21 February 2022, 13:00 - 16:30 (GMT)
£45 pp full price
£18 pp students

Following Good Housekeeping - Part 1 in autumn 2021, the SPAB has again teamed up with Icon (the Institute of Conservation) to offer another afternoon of online talks exploring good housekeeping for old houses and other buildings.   

Expert speakers specialising in different aspects of historic interiors will discuss materials and objects found in old buildings and offer practical advice on their care and presentation. If you’re searching for information and guidance on looking after your treasured historic fittings, fixtures and furnishings, this is the event for you.

Starting with a session covering a wide range of interior elements, features and objects made of ceramics, marble or other decorative stone materials (such as fireplace surrounds, ceramic kitchen and bathroom features) and a wide range  of metals (copper, brass and steel), the sessions that follow will focus on paper (including prints and drawings, archives and wallpapers) and on paintings, frames, and painted decorative wall surfaces in historic interiors.  

Viewing of Talk #1 ‘Agents of Deterioration’ recorded talk from Good Housekeeping - Part 1 is recommended for those interested in the Good Housekeeping - Part 2 online event. Talk #2 'Hard Surfaces' and Talk #3 'Soft Surfaces' are also be available on a pay-to-view basis. These recorded talks from Good Housekeeping - Part 1 are available to view on demand now.

Good Housekeeping - Part 2 is an introductory-level event will appeal to building owners and users, volunteers caring for historic buildings and their contents (including buildings open to visitors or used by the public) and others with an interest in historic interiors. 



The talks will be recorded and available to watch on demand for a limited time after the live presentation. Bookings must be made in advance to receive the recording link(s).

Talk #4
13:00 - 14:00
More Hard Surfaces: covering a wide range of interior elements, features and objects made of ceramics, marble or other decorative stone materials (such as fireplace surrounds, ceramic kitchen and bathroom features) and a wide range  of metals (copper, brass and steel).  Presented online by Helen Lloyd, Trusted Conservators.


Talk #5
14:15 - 15:15
Paper: works on paper (framed prints and drawings), photographs, books and wallpapers. Presented online by Nicola Walker, Trusted Conservators.


Talk #6
15:30 - 16:30
Painted surfaces and paintings: plain and decorative painted surfaces (walls, panelling, decorative mouldings and features), paintings and frames. Presented online by Christine Sitwell, Trusted Conservators.

16:30 Close 


The contributors are all accredited (ACR) members of the Institute of Conservation (ICON), the professional body for conservator-restorers in the UK.  All are professional conservators with extensive knowledge and experience of the care of objects, collections and historic interiors, who have led conservation activities across the National Trust. They now work together in the practice Trusted Conservators: a network of experienced conservators who provide consultancy, advisory and conservation services to the heritage sector. 

Helen Lloyd, ACR - former Preventive Conservation Adviser (Housekeeping) for the National Trust, Helen provides guidance and training on the care of collections and interiors, and the effects of dust and wear and tear.  

Nicola Walker, ACR - Senior National Conservator (Paper and Photography) for the National Trust and freelance conservation consultant offering advice on paper-based collection. 

Christine Sitwell, ACR - former National Trust Adviser on Paintings and Painted Surfaces Conservation, now a consultant advising on paintings conservation and the care of historic interiors.


IT requirements:
This is an online event and will be held via a webinar platform (Zoom). You will be sent instructions on how to join the session(s) the day before the event. To participate, all you need is an internet connection, and a laptop, computer or phone with the ability to play video and audio.   


Please contact the SPAB before booking to discuss any special access requirements.


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