Day One: The STBA SPAB 2020 Online Sustainability of Traditional Buildings Conference

Day One: The STBA SPAB 2020 Online Sustainability of Traditional Buildings Conference

Day one of the Online Sustainability of Traditional Buildings Conference focusing on Embodied Carbon

06/10/2020 - 06/10/2020
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Introductory, Intermediate, CPD

Day One - Embodied Carbon

£40 non-members and £25 members

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Day 1 – 10.00am-12.30pm 6th October – EMBODIED CARBON

Online conference held via Zoom. £40 non-members and £25 members.

This year’s long-awaited STBA and SPAB Conference will take place online in three manageable chunks spread over three days focusing on key issues affecting the traditional built environment: embodied carbon, skills and research. We have some of the country’s leading speakers to help us understand the underlying issues, explore some potential solutions and then discuss all this together with a Q&A session at the end of each morning. 

Please note that this page is only for Day One. To register for the entire conference, please click here. 


The core of Government policy and indeed the concern of the public is to radically reduce our world’s dependency of carbon and to reduce our emissions to a level that is sustainable for the planet. This is an absolute key goal that is fully supported by both the STBA and SPAB. The issue comes with how we actually achieve this in a sustainable manner that does not adversely impact on the many social and historical factors that are embedded into our existing built environment. This long argument has been largely won thanks to the impassioned work of the STBA, SPAB and many others. The advent of PAS2035 means that there are some safeguards coming into place.

The remaining problem is that lots of works to buildings means a lot of carbon being expended in the short term to save ‘in-use’ carbon. The term ’embodied carbon’ needs to be part of this equation and this opens up the debate. What carbon is already stored within our built environment? What type of materials could be used in retrofit, that are compatible with traditional buildings, and how does their embodied carbon effect choice? Can we even measure the effects of these choices and are there tools that can help?

This session of the conference will help us all to answer these questions as we have a stellar line up of speakers who have explored this topic in depth. The morning will then be wrapped up by your chance to ask some burning questions.

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Please note that this is an online event and will be held via a webinar platform called Zoom. You will be sent instructions on how to join the session when you book. To participate, all you need is an internet connection, and a laptop, computer or phone with the ability to play video and audio. On android mobiles/tablets, sessions can be accessed via either Chrome for Android or Firefox for Android. Apple mobile/tablet users will need to download the Zoom app. If you require any assistance using Zoom, please email

Conference is SPAB CPD accredited:

Most presentations will last 40 minutes and be in a PowerPoint style. These will be made available after the conference.

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